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Wed January 5, 2011
Food for Thought

Making mochi to ring in the year

Nancy Leson

It's the first Food for Thought of 2011, so Nancy and Dick put the spotlight on a little morsel associated with the start of a new year from the Japanese tradition: Mochi making.  

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Wed December 22, 2010
Food for Thought

2010's best cookbooks include some local gems

Nancy Leson photo.

Picture your favorite cookbook, and how you have come to savor the experience of its splendor.  This week’s Food for Thought reveals new favorites that rank in that class, and Nancy and Dick are naming their top picks,   in time for Christmas.

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Wed December 15, 2010
Food for Thought

Nancy's French Adventures

Paul Stankavich/KPLU

Seattle Times Food Writer Nancy Leson is back from her KPLU Travel Club trip to Paris, where she ate…and ate…and, well, you get the idea.  

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Wed December 8, 2010
Food for Thought

Waiting for a table

Heather W. / Yelp.com

So how long would you be willing to stand on line for a table at a popular restaurant?  10 minutes?  A half hour?  Longer?  Not KPLU’s Dick Stein – as he tells Seattle Times food writer Nancy Leson on today’s Food for Thought – which is ready for you right now.

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Wed November 24, 2010
Food for Thought

Nancy's Thanksgiving Hotline

Seattle Times food writer Nancy Leson and Dick Stein usually get together at the KPLU studios each Tuesday to record Food for Thought -- but given Tuesday's hazardous driving conditions it seemed more prudent for Dick to just get Nancy on the phone for their Thanksgiving chat.

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