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Mon January 3, 2011

Boogie Woogie with a heart

TheMelonOnline via YouTube.com

Eric “Two Scoops” Moore is a big, gregarious man who's released seven critically-acclaimed CDs. The Washington Blues Society has honored him with numerous awards. Perhaps more than those accomplishments, the blues musician is better known for his musical spontaneity and his big heart. 

Despite life's challenges and some true hardships, he retains a keen sense of optimism. Flesh eating disease? No problem. His wife Amy's multiple sclerosis?  That's easy. You find out why when you listen to his philosophy. The wild look in his kind eyes starts to tell the story. His uncanny connection with a piano punctuates it.

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Mon December 27, 2010
The Jazz 100

The Jazz 100: One hundred quintessential jazz songs

What would you choose as the greatest jazz songs ever recorded?

We really want to know because, with your input, KPLU (along with our 24-hour jazz stream – Jazz24) is going to create a webstream of the 100 quintessential jazz songs of all time.

Cast your votes for the jazz songs you think should be included. When all the results are in, you’ll be able to hear the quintessential Jazz 100 on KPLU.org and Jazz24.org, beginning Monday, February 7th.

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Thu December 23, 2010
Groove Notes

Christmas Jazz on KPLU

If you are looking for some jazz in holiday style to get your hands on, you might want to consider these Christmas jazz albums I've listed on Groove Notes. Some might be more of a challenge to track down than others.

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Mon October 25, 2010
Water Cooler

Water Cooler: Power Monday with the First Lady and a Soul Queen

AP photo.

Power politics, power voice and plain 'ol power. Michelle Obama is in Bellevue this afternoon (at the Hyatt) to support Patty Murray's campaign.

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